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Almost all bottle manufacturers also make their own pacifiers. What changes between them, usually, is the shape and the material. Most of pacifiers have orthodontic nipples and each brand has developed a different technology. Many believe that only the NUK pacifier is orthodontic because of its asymmetrical

shape, but this is not true. It is a good pacifier, however, it can only be used on one side. There are other brands with a high standard quality, also orthodontic and with the nipple more similar to the breast nipple, such as Avent, Dr. Brown, Mam, Chicco, Boon, NanoBebe and others.

So far, the only pacifier that differs from the others in terms of its orthodontic shape is from MAM – Mam Dento-Flex Perfect Pacifier model. This pacifier has a smaller thickness at the base of the silicone body (60% less than other brands). This allows the child to close the dental arch more closely, reducing possible damage to its structure.

There are different sizes of pacifiers and you must be careful when buying it. Usually manufacturers separate by groups like 0 - 6 months, 6 - 18 months and some brands have smaller groups of 0 - 3 months, 3 - 6 months, 6 - 9 months and so on. It is important to respect the age, as the pacifier nipple was developed to accompany the growth of the mouth structure, teeth and tongue, and using an
inappropriate nipple can harm its development.

It is not recommended that the child use a pacifier after 2 years old, as it greatly increases the risk of having changes in the dental arch. Pacifier is a product that gets lost a lot, even when buying all the accessories to attach it to clothes or to the stroller, because the child drops it and forgets it. We recommend that customers buy at least 6 units of each age to meet their needs.

In addition, some accessories can be very useful to make your daily life easier: pacifier wipes, as most of the time the pacifier falls on the floor you might not have a place to wash it, pacifier sterilizer to ensure that the product is free of bacteria, pacifier clip and pacifier holder.

Check some pacifier models available on the market:

Traditional: It has a silicone and/or latex nipple. Latex pacifiers are softer and more flexible, but they don't last the longest and are more likely to accumulate bacteria. Silicone nipples are more durable and easier to sanitize. Each brand has a different nipple design.

Glow in the Dark: They are the same as the traditional ones.
Usually with a silicone nipple and glow in the dark. Its location is much easier, especially at night when the pacifier falls into the crib.

Soothie - All Silicone: This model is widely used in US hospitals for newborns. It is all silicone which reduces the accumulation of germs and bacteria and eliminates the possibility of the plastic hurting the child's mouth. Some brands have a stuffed animal attached and the shape also differs between brands.

Latex Pacifier: Silicones pacifiers are made with synthetic materials, latex are naturally produced, meaning they are great alternatives for customers looking for eco friendly options. The natural rubber pacifier has some benefits such as: soothe your baby's gum.

Auto Closing: Traditional silicone pacifier that contains a flap that automatically closes immediately before touch on the floor, preventing it from getting dirty.

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