Potty Training: When and How to Potty Train Your Baby Without Difficulty

Potty Training marks a significant milestone in your child's development journey. As parents, having the right information and tools can make this transition smoother for both you and your little one. In this guide, we'll address common questions about Potty Training and introduce you to a selection of products designed to ease the process.

What Age Should a Child Be Potty Trained By?

While there's no fixed age for Potty Training, many experts recommend starting around 24 months. However, keep in mind that each child is unique, and readiness cues such as communication skills and diaper discomfort can help you determine the right time.

How to Start Potty Training? 

Toddler sitting on his potty as he starts his potty training

"Potty training is something that can happen overnight or challenge parents for extended periods," says pediatrician Priscila Zanotti Stagliorio. According to the expert, there are no specific rules that universally work for all children. Each experience is different, even among siblings.

The experience might differ between Boys and Girls. While many suggest that potty training girls is easier, Priscila states that there is no difference in the approach to potty training between genders.

However, many parents are uncertain about how to begin potty training and where to start. Here are some tips:

What is the 3 Day Potty Training Rule?

Little girl potty training with her bear on a potty toilet

The 3-day potty training rule is a popular method that aims to fast-track the Potty Training process. The idea is to dedicate three consecutive days to intensive potty training efforts. During this time, your child wears underwear instead of Diaper and is encouraged to use the Potty consistently. The key to success is consistency, positive reinforcement, and offering plenty of fluids to practice using the Toilet frequently.

Crafting a Practical Potty Training Schedule

Challenges of potty training process

When creating a potty training schedule, begin with daytime training and gradually progress to nighttime. Summer is an ideal time to start, as managing accidents is easier. Encourage your child to communicate their needs and remember to celebrate their achievements.

Potty Watch: A Helpful Tool for Successful Potty Training

The original pott6y watch in use

Potty Training requires consistent reminders and routines to help your child establish good bathroom habits. This is where a potty watch can play a valuable role. Designed to provide timely reminders for Toilet visits, a potty watch can be a game-changer in your potty training journey.

The Fastest Way to Potty Train: Products That Make a Difference

Girl reading a book on a potty chair with her mom

In order to facilitate this potty training process, here's a little list of the best products for potty training that we recommend:

  • Jool Baby Potty Training Ladder is designed to simplify the transition to the toilet. Its sturdy construction offers stability, and the adjustable height ensures a comfortable fit for different toilets.JOOL BABY - POTTY TRAINING LADDER
  • Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty adds an element of fun to potty training. With a flushing sound and encouraging phrases, it motivates your child. The built-in splash guard and removable bowl make cleaning easy.FISHER PRICE LEARN TO FLUSH POTTY
  • Jool Baby Toilet Training Seat with Handles offers comfort and stability. Its ergonomic design ensures a secure fit on most toilets, and the soft splash guard helps prevent messes. The practical handle makes it easy for your child to use.
  • Summer Infant My Size Urinal offers an engaging option for boys during potty training. Its design mimics a real urinal, making the process relatable and enjoyable. 


    Potty training is a unique journey for every child and parent. With these products, you can make this phase educational, positive, and successful. Embrace the process, keep patience at the forefront, and celebrate each milestone reached.

    woman teaching her baby to use toilet potty in bathroom


    To help parents with their routines, the MacroBaby My Potty Training Chart will be available for download.

    Macrobaby My potty chart

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