Buzzy Mini Personal Pain Relief System, Lady Buzz


Now available in an adorable lady bug design! Buzzy is an award-winning personal pain management device invented by a physician, mom, and pain researcher. Buzzy is a hand-held device that naturally and quickly minimizes and blocks sharp pain from needle sticks like IV starts, blood draws, finger pricks and immunizations, through a combination of vibration, ice and distraction methods. Buzzy combines two pain control theories, the Gate Theory of Pain Control (the vibration) and the Descending Noxious Inhibitory Control (the ice) to confuse the nerves and trick the brain into not feeling the sharp pain. Buzzy helps minimize the drama and trauma that sometimes come with medical visits. Research shows that these early traumatic experiences can lead to avoidance of medical treatment - like immunizations - in the future. Buzzy is reusable, affordable, and effective pain blocker. Buzzy is FDA-compliant. Buzzy is lead free.
*Relieves sharp pain on contact! Blocks Pain!
*All natural pain blocker, no drugs. FDA-compliant.
*Affordable and reusable.
*Use at home or take him to the doctor's office.
*So easy - just place Buzzy between the brain and the pain!


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