Chicco Natural Fit Deco Gift Set, Blue


Give the gift of a perfect latch with this reliable and adorable set of bottles. FORM: The angled nipple for newborns promotes ideal positioning for a perfect latch by making that natural cuddle-cradle hold of breastfeeding the most comfortable way to use the bottle. This position is both ideal for newborns and feels natural and comfortable for parents. FEEL: Once you're in position, the satin-textured silicone nipple and the soft, rounded, breast-like base of the nipple feel familiar for an intuitive latch. FUNCTION: A slow flow rate along with dual anti-colic valves help prevent air ingestion so that baby swallows only the good stuff. Feeding should be a time of bonding and relaxation for parent and child, that's why Chicco designed the Natural Fit Bottles, to make bottle feeding as simple, relaxing and natural as breastfeeding. With an easy transition between breast and bottle, feeding time is always that special moment it was meant to be.
2-5oz Bottles with angled slow flow nipples
2-8oz Bottles with straight slow flow nipples
1-Comfort Orthodontic Pacifier with soft-flex silicone nipple
Natural Fit Bottles bio-mimic the breast for a perfect latch
Clinically tested
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