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MacroBaby Dolls Maternity

The Orlando’s first dolls maternity with a complete adoption experience!

    MacroBaby Dolls Maternity is a magical place where children and adults can adopt reborn baby dolls in a nursery room in Orlando, FL. The MacroBaby nursery is the biggest Dolls Maternity in Florida, offering many premium and exclusive doll options, focused on special lines that are not found in big stores. Some of the iconic doll lines in this new collection includes Baby Reborn dolls handmade by artists, Adora Doll , JC Toys, and lots of accessories to play with. MacroBaby nursery is the Orlando's first Dolls Maternity with a complete adoption experience, and all visitors must be guided by our nurse.

The Perfect Gift

You can gift a child with this lifetime experience, showing the beautiful feelings of becoming a new parent. The adoption procedure includes weighing, measuring, listening to the baby’s heartbeat and filling a birth certificate with all the baby and parent information. A nurse will be available to help the children with the experience. They can choose clothes, blankets, hairbrush, shoes, and other accessories for the new baby doll.

Little parents will also receive information about feeding, cleaning, and taking care of their baby. MacroBaby Dolls Maternity is more than just pretend play, it is a unique experience that they will remember forever.

The experience is not restricted to the physical environment. Guided by a virtual assistant (a robot), and accompanied by the nurse, a customer from anywhere in the world can take a maternity tour, through his mobile device or computer, making the moment even more personalized and exclusive. At the end of the remote visit, they will have the option to make a purchase, selecting outfits and accessories, and choosing to receive the adopted doll at home with all documentation and purchased items, or get it from the store.

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